Pomes Penyeach Project, 11-12 november 2017, Weefhuis Zaandijk

Jubileumweekend Facetten van de kunst, 15 years of music, art and literature!

11-12 november 2017 from 12-5 pm in Het Weefhuis, Lagedijk 39, Zaandijk.

Art, poetry, music and celebration!

15 artists lend their hands to this kaleidoscopic exhibition of art inspired by the Pomes Penyeach. The exhibition ranges from hanging art–paintings, drawings, silhouette to 3-D works in ceramic, textile and mixed media. Visitors can buy the book Pomes Penyeach Project, with the Pomes in the original and in translation by Erik Bindervoet and Robbert-Jan Henkes next to photos of the art related to the Pomes.

Between 1 pm and 4 pm art lovers can become audience for performances of the Pomes set to music by Julia Barnes for soprano Caroline Stam (5 songs in the cycle The Flowering Branch), baritone Matthijs Mesdag (the 5 songs in Old Heart’s Wisdom), and vocal artist Han Buhrs improvising together with percussionist Yung-Tuan Ku in Joyce in Lust (Love), a musical frame created by composer/violist Julia Barnes.  The new cd Old Heart’s Wisdom, with all the above works, will be presented during the weekend.