Finnegans Resurrected in time for Easter greedings (Paasgreet!)

Back in 2017 I was asked by Derek Pyle to take part in a wild and wonderful online Finnegans Wake project, Waywords and Meansigns. Musicians from all over the world have contributed performances to this ambitious re-hearing of the Wake. And I asked Julia Henneman and Judith Brokking, two very musical text performers, and the virtuosic and intuitive percussionist Yung-Tuan Ku, to join me in a Dutch rendition. Using the translation by Robbert-Jan Henkes and Erik Bindervoet, we chose a section, rehearsed, and recorded the process. Time went by.

3 years later (last week) I found the soundclip and realized it was already in the right (WAV) form to submit to the project. Not being technical, I had thought I had to get a proper recording made–well, here it is. Proper and lots of fun. The section is from page 373-377, beginning with ‘This is by no means the end’ and ending with ‘Easter Greedings. Angus! Angus! Angus!’ in case you want to read along. Enjoy!